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Quantak is a global outsourcing services provider designed to help your business achieve its full potential. From first class marketing solutions to impeccable website development and design, Quantak offers you a complete portfolio of solutions to grow your business.



As a business leader, you value efficiency. You need quality work to be done on time, and at an affordable cost. Most importantly, you don’t have time to micromanage. You need professionals who you can trust to get the job done right.

This is where Quantak comes in. Our outsourcing solutions will allow you to save up to 70% on a wide variety of services.

Save time. Increase profits. Grow with Quantak today.
Online Marketing Solutions

Acquire the best online marketing services available to boost your brand recognition and exposure with Quantak's talented web development and design services, digital marketing services and eCommerce marketing services.

Data Security

Quantak’s data security, research and analysis teams maintain your important company data on the most secure servers in the world. We scan, upload and store your confidential information so you can focus on growing your business instead of safeguarding your documents.

Commercial Lending Services

Private lending companies are multi-faceted businesses. From connecting with borrowers to brokers’ points, origination documents, due diligence, closing fees and monthly interest payments, Quantak back office lending support services are here to assist every step of the way.

Accounting and Tax Services

Ensure your company’s taxes are always up to date and IRS-compliant with Quantak’s accounting and tax services. From basic bookkeeping to expert tax advising, our outsourced accounting and tax services keep your finances in check so you can focus on developing your business.

Legal and Personal Assistant Services

Quantak’s competent virtual legal assistants tackle any task from deposition summaries to e-discovery, drafting memos and briefs and document review. Our reliable personal assistant services include calendar management, travel plans, and even birthday reminders.

Medical Billing and Healthcare Services

The number of medical offices leveraging healthcare business process outsourcing (BPO) has skyrocketed. Whether you need medical billing/coding or healthcare administrative management, Quantak offers the best and brightest talent in the field while improving your bottom line.




Quantak is the premier destination for all your back office needs. Our seasoned experts are available to boost your professional reputation, balance your budget, and more.

Quantak offers top quality service by professionals, for professionals. Select your industry below to find out more.

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In business, reputation is everything. That’s why at Quantak, we ensure complete satisfaction from A-Z. Our experts work with you to strengthen your business and streamline your workflow. Give your business a boost today. Contact Quantak.

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    "Quantak has been a real pleasure to work with time and again. They represent what every business should strive for in terms of reliability, efficiency and customer satisfaction."

    ~Larry Cohen~

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    "Thank you so much for your generous and thoughtful gift. Although your kind words and praise were more than enough, it is truly a pleasure to work with you and the solid company you have built. Much success."

    ~Jane Levy~

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    "I am completely satisfied with the diligence, professionalism and expertise that your company has provided us. You're always there when I need you."

    ~Ezra Antar~

Quantak Outsourcing Can Help Small Businesses Get Ahead

March 2, 2022

Quantak Outsourcing Can Help Small Businesses Get Ahead

By: Quantak

When someone is running their own small business, it can seem like there are always more tasks to do than the time to do them. This leaves them with the unenviable choice of choosing between neglecting important back office tasks that may not directly benefit their business or burning out trying to take care of […]


Quantak Opens New Office in Sri Lanka’s World Trade Center

December 2, 2015

Quantak Opens New Office in Sri Lanka’s World Trade Center

By: Quantak

With offices around the world, Quantak proudly opened its newest branch in Sri Lanka’s tallest building complex, the World Trade Center Colombo (WTCC). This state-of-the-art facility in the nation’s capital, will serve as Quantak’s Asian headquarters, with a full team equipped to handle all financial, regulatory, medical, and legal back office needs. Hailed as “Sri Lanka’s best business address,” the twin towers of the WTCC stand at nearly 500 feet. The structure shines from top to bottom with mirror windows and is located in the heart of Colombo’s Central Business District (CBD).


The Marketing Marketplace

November 27, 2015

The Marketing Marketplace

By: Quantak

The word “marketing” encapsulates so many ideas and modalities that the average business leader isn’t sure where to start. Once a decent website is live (with all the bells and whistles) and business cards are printed, how do you get the word out? In business, just like in life, there are your friends/acquaintances and then there are strangers. These two groups can respectively be called your inner circle and your outer circle. To be successful in the business world, you need to reach and satisfy both groups.


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