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Quantak’s virtual personal assistants are available to help with both personal and business needs.

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Have you ever wanted to clone yourself so you could be more productive? Well, while we are working on the cloning technology, Quantak will connect you to the next best thing: your very own virtual personal assistant. All of our virtual personal assistants must complete an intense screening process ensuring the highest standards in quality of work, trust and efficiency.

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General Office Support and Administration

Be amazed by a Quantak virtual personal assistant today. We will have your office running smoothly, professionally, and efficiently day in and day out. After discussing the general office support and administration needs of your unique business, we will send you relevant CVs of our qualified assistants. You are invited to meet each potential candidate over Skype or the phone for initial introductions. Once all the employment details are ironed out, you will be able to enjoy the following services, and more, by your own dedicated virtual personal assistant:

Two heads are better than one. Working with a virtual personal assistant for your business or individual needs, or both combined, is a great way to save time, money, and energy. All of our competent assistants are trained and experienced with the necessary toolkit to enhance your daily operations. Quantak virtual office assistants are available for short-term projects as well as long-term working relationships. Make your life easier today.

Quantak » Legal and Personal Assistant Services » Virtual Personal Assistant » Calendar Management and Reminders

Calendar Management and Reminders

Don’t you wish your computer had a brain? Imagine if you could receive reminders about a recurring event or an important date far off into the future. Imagine never missing a meeting, appointment, birthday, or anniversary again. Quantak’s virtual personal assistants offer just these services and more. In addition to expert calendar and task management and reminders, Quantak’s virtual personal assistants offer the following services:

Some people need reminders every week for a month before a certain scheduled meeting and others simply want 30 minutes’ notice. Our experienced and professional personal office assistants work with you to understand your preferred notice schedule and remind you accordingly. All of Quantak’s virtual personal assistants manage your calendar on a web server so you can easily access your agenda anytime, from anywhere. Simplify your life today.

Quantak » Legal and Personal Assistant Services » Virtual Personal Assistant » Responding to E-mails and Phone Calls on your Behalf

Responding to E-mails and Phone Calls on your Behalf

Studies show business people spend more than a quarter of their day reading and responding to e-mails. The exact figure is 28% and this doesn’t even include phone calls. Imagine how much more productive and efficient your day could be if you had a virtual personal assistant handling all of your e-mails and phone calls on your behalf. Our trained office assistants are competent, experienced, and reliable. With Quantak, your virtual personal assistant is available to help:

  • Answer phone calls coming into your office, home, or mobile number
  • Listen to and return voice messages on your behalf
  • Place phone calls from a phone number that matches your company’s numbers using the latest VoIP technology
  • Respond to business or personal e-mails from your account or from your assistant’s account

Save time and money with a Quantak virtual personal assistant. Our experienced office assistants are professional and well-versed in the latest internet technology. With a qualified personal assistant behind your virtual desk, you will have more opportunities to generate more business, manage your company’s finances, and satisfy more customers. Meet our candidates and select the Quantak virtual personal assistant who is perfect for you and your professional needs today.

Buying and Sending Gifts Online

Never miss a birthday or anniversary again with Quantak’s virtual assistant services. Your exclusive personal assistant is available to complete all types of general office support and administrative tasks including buying and sending gifts on your behalf. Nowadays, nearly everything can be purchased and shipped online via a secure payment method. From flowers to digital photo frames, books and sports paraphernalia, you name it and we can arrange it. Whether it’s a personal or business gift, our friendly and experienced virtual personal assistants can send:

  • Corporate gifts
  • Personalized gifts
  • Overnight deliveries
  • Domestic and international shipments
  • Holiday presents
  • Birthday, anniversary, graduation, and milestone gifts

Send your wife flowers for Valentine’s Day, your son a graduation gift at his university, and your customer a fresh fruit basket through a Quantak virtual personal assistant. We know where the best gifts can be found online and we are on top of shipping rates and delivery dates. Rest assured that all your bases are covered so you can focus on real business needs while your dedicated Quantak personal assistant handles the gift-giving process today.

Coordinating Travel Plans

Arranging travel plans can be time-consuming and frustrating. Since time is money, searching for the best deals on flights, hotels, and rental cars can cost you more money in wasted time than savings on the booking. However, an experienced travel coordinator at Quantak is available to handle the process from beginning to end. All you need to do is provide the “when” and “where” and we figure out the rest. Business leaders choose Quantak’s virtual personal assistants for coordinating travel plans because we:

  • Monitor your award miles accounts
  • Ensure you receive a warm welcome in airport Business and First Class Lounges
  • Reserve hotel rooms with the best views and amenities
  • Arrange reliable airport transportation services
  • Research car rental options until we find a comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective solution
  • Send you instant updates via SMS, e-mail, or phone with last-minute changes
  • Inform you regarding international traveling requirements
    • Visa, immunizations, passport updates, etc.

Take (some of) the stress out of traveling with your very own Quantak personal assistant. All our assistants are trained in the requisite travel planning technology to secure great deals every time, including last-minute travel arrangements. You can choose your own virtual personal assistant after reviewing a number of relevant CVs so you can develop a long-lasting working relationship. Your dedicated Quantak assistant will learn your personal preferences and make your life easier so you can focus on growing your business. Happy traveling!

Internet Research Projects

Need information? Quantak can deliver. Our experienced internet research projects team knows exactly where to look for all types of information-gathering. We compile a neat, timely report in a manner that’s both organized and cost-effective. Our researchers only use valid, trustworthy websites and we cite every source used for your convenience. We assist university professors, real estate developers, retail store owners and all other types of professionals with research projects. Our expert researchers are available to present answers to questions like the following:

  • How many people surveyed will vote for Hillary Clinton?
  • Does the property at 123 Main Street have a clear chain of title?
  • Is my novel idea already patented or protected under copyright laws?
  • How many other barber shops are within a 15 mile radius of where I want to open my shop?
  • What is the most popular brand of peanut butter?

The topics are endless and we welcome each new inquiry. Our turnaround time is quick and our costs are competitive. Quantak offers flexible pricing plans where you can choose to pay by the hour or by the project and this is agreed before the commencement of work. For small or large projects, let Quantak handle the research so you are free to develop your business. Enjoy brilliant research assistance today.

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