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Whether you are looking for an online shopping cart provider or live chat software, Quantak offers cutting edge eCommerce strategies to create the perfect eCommerce experience for your customers.

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Online Marketplaces like Amazon and E-bay

Electronics, books, fashion, toys, jewelry, cars, and almost everything else you can imagine is sold on Amazon and E-bay. At Quantak, our dedicated online marketplace sales team lists your items daily with fresh keywords, accurate descriptions and top-quality images. We notify you as soon as you need to get involved, but you can leave the grunt work to us.

We not only place the initial listings, but we follow up to ensure the posts remain current. Our eCommerce experts do more than just sales. We communicate with potential buyers from beginning to end, answering all of their questions in a timely and professional manner. Whether it’s home decor, university textbooks, or a diamond ring, Quantak online marketplace services handles all your Amazon and E-bay needs. The sky’s the limit.

Business-to-Business (B2B) Sales

Enhance your business-to-business (B2B) sales relationships with Quantak. Whether it’s wholesale or retail, goods or services, Quantak’s B2B sales managers handle your transaction from A-Z We are professional, reliable, and consistent and that’s why businesses trust Quantak with all their B2B sales needs. From researching various products to contacting sellers or buyers, completing the sale and delivering the goods or services, Quantak’s B2B sales team ensures a smooth process and complete satisfaction.

Quantak’s B2B sales experts offer assistance in areas including:

  • Wholesale distributions to grocery stores
  • Automobile manufacturing
  • CPA and legal services
  • Hospitality industry
  • International B2B sales

Price and quality are key factors in any purchasing arrangement, but studies show that the sales experience alone may determine whether or not a vendor would conduct another transaction in the future. Our goal is to facilitate the establishment of solid, long-standing professional relationships between goods and service providers and buyers. At Quantak, our B2B sales team delivers the competitive edge that makes all the difference. It’s not just business sales–it’s business relationships.

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Retail Shopping Website Management

If the shoe fits, click it! Quantak’s retail shopping website management pros are here to create and maintain your dream e-tail store. From web design and development to brand design and content marketing, Quantak offers the expertise and resources to turn your online store into an enterprise. We will manage the technical aspects of your website so you can focus on growing your business and providing quality goods to your target audience. You share your vision with us and we’ll make it a reality. Once your retail shopping website goes live, we continue to maintain its plug-ins, applications and special features like:

Our eCommerce graphic designers, web copywriters, and software developers work in unison to ensure your shopping website provides a pleasant user experience. We understand you are not looking for a quick sale, but rather to establish long-term relationships with online shoppers. One way to get there is to offer top quality services and products with the best customer care. Our Quantak retail shopping website creators get inside the heads of your potential customers to deliver a winning online shopping experience.

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Live Chat Customer Service Help

Make your company website come alive with real-time customer service chat help. Sometimes the difference between a potential customer and a paying customer is simply a personal connection. Quantak’s live chat customer service help software includes photos of our assistance representatives. Also, we customize the chat box to match the design of your website. Our chat box moves seamlessly from page to page as your user browses the site so the communication is not interrupted. And of course, all of our live chat software is fully compatible with mobile devices so your visitors can talk and walk.

We fully integrate user data to produce chat that is not only friendly and helpful, but profitable. At Quantak, our live chat customer service team:

  • Records and saves all chat transcripts for future reference and to welcome back returning visitors
  • Extracts data from your social media networks to personalize each chat
  • Offers team chats for group discussions

Whether your website offers professional services or consumer products, Quantak’s live chat customer service help software delivers that extra personal touch to your visitors. Our experts are trained to be helpful, but not overly-pushy and we consider the age, gender, and cultural location of each user to customize the conversation. Help your customers and clients feel at home on your home page with qualified, live customer service representatives.

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Shopping Cart and Wish List Software

Simple and secure shopping cart and wish list software by Quantak ensures an enjoyable online shopping experience for any online user. A defective shopping cart should never be the reason a customer leaves your website without making a purchase. At Quantak, we know people expect fast, reliable and safe online shopping carts – why shouldn’t they? This is especially true for repeat online shoppers who want to get in and out of your store with just a few clicks.

Businesses use Quantak’s online shopping cart and wish list software services because we:

  • Develop shopping carts and wish lists which are fully compatible with any mobile device
  • Support over 50 payment methods, including PayPal, credit cards, and international options
  • Customize the shopper’s tax rate, currency, and language for all localities
  • Clearly define shipping costs based on weight and distance
  • Satisfy Level 1 PCI compliance standards and use 128 bit SSL certificates to ensure security

We save all e-mail addresses and records so if a user fails to complete a purchase, we can send a friendly reminder with a link back to the shopping cart or wish list. Our Quantak developers will create a shopping cart for your company website that matches your current theme designs and formatting. Let your eCommerce site soar to new heights with easy and reliable shopping cart and wishlist software services by Quantak.

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Hosted & VoIP teleCommunication

Get connected with VoIP telecommunication and mobile services by Quantak. VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, allows you to communicate with customers, clients, and colleagues through your internet connection. More and more businesses around the globe are adopting VoIP systems because they tend to be faster, simpler, and more cost-effective than a traditional landline telephone hookup. Group conference calls are built into the system, as well as online group chat functions, making communication easier than ever before.

Quantak VoIP communication and mobile services department assists companies in the following areas:

  • Voice and video conferencing capabilities
  • Fax forwarding to e-mail accounts
  • Recording and storing VoIP communications
  • 24/7 customer service helpline
  • Live, remote assistance with technical issues
  • Regular software and security updates

Away from your desk? No problem. Quantak VoIP experts will ensure all calls to your VoIP line are forwarded to your mobile phone instantly. The caller will not know you’re on the go and you’ll be reachable 24/7. Alternatively, we can set up your personal preferences so callers can leave a voice message on your VoIP line or your mobile number when you are unavailable. Don’t let technical difficulties get in the way of running your business. Quantak’s VoIP communication and mobile services team is here to set up your company to talk freely and smoothly, consistently.

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