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Web Design

The average visitor spends less than 15 seconds on a website. Make yours count. Quantak will design a website that captivates and motivates your customers and prospects to fulfill your online goals.

UI/UX Design

In an ideal world, every website and app would be easy to navigate and simple to use. While this isn’t the case – yet – there’s no reason why your company website can’t be user-perfect. Expert web designers at Quantak will custom create your business site to offer user interfaces and user experience design strategies to please even the harshest critic.

Our online marketing services team comes to the table with all the tech-saavy tools to provide complete user satisfaction. At Quantak, we don’t shoot for user-friendly websites. We want your site users to be madly in love with the ease and simplicity of your business website. Our UI and UX design pros can deliver such results.

Web Design

The website of your dreams awaits you. With modern web design technology, the sky’s the limit. At Quantak, our graphic designers will create your company website that pleases the eye and intrigues the mind. Whether you target Millennials or Baby Boomers, we know what keeps site visitors engaged.

We design with SEO and social engagement in mind. Your company website will appear flawlessly on all mobile devices because Quantak web designers firmly believe users should be able to easily access all of your information at their fingertips, not waste time trying to figure out how to navigate a webpage.

Quantak web designers will turn the website of your dreams into a reality. If you’re not quite sure what the website of your dreams looks like, our innovative team works relentlessly to provide you with concepts that leave you completely satisfied. We work together to synthesize your vision with our technology. The rates are competitive and the quality is golden.

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Brand Design Services

A picture is worth a thousand words. Some of the most successful companies in the world are more well-known for their brand identity design than for their product. For example, everyone knows about the golden arches for fast, cheap, kid-friendly food. The golden arches have become an international symbol identified with classic American families enjoying quality family time over a couple of burgers, fries and 2.5 Happy Meals™.

At Quantak, we get inside the consumer’s head. We know what people like when it comes to brands and logos: simple, relatable and professional. Our expert brand identity design team will create or enhance your business icon to resonate with every potential client and colleague. Your brand will appear beautifully on laptops, Ipads, Smartphones and all other types of mobile devices as well as social media sites.

Branding is more than merely associating an image with your company name; branding is giving your company a holistic identity. Proper brand identity design generates emotions about your business like customer loyalty and satisfaction. Quantak will develop the brand identity that suits your message and your mission statement and we will continue to tweak your brand new brand until we get it right.

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Web Development Services

Do you speak binary? Don’t worry, you don’t have to. At Quantak, our web development services team creates business websites with all the bells and whistles. Our goal is to create websites which are not only pretty, but thoughtful and functional for every visitor. While our web design services focus on producing visibly appealing websites, our web development professionals show off behind the scenes. A good web developer’s work stays under the radar because the programs and applications flow so seamlessly.

Your company website can be as simple or complex as you prefer. When you work with Quantak, a representative is assigned to your portfolio to assist you from the brainstorming stage through the completion of your project. We will share your vision of a successful business website and make it happen. Quantak’s outsourced web development services deliver quality results time and again at the right price.

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Wordpress Development

Enhance your online business presence by joining millions of others who take advantage of professional WordPress website development. What started out as a free blogging platform has turned into one of the world’s most impressive content management systems (CMS). WordPress has produced more than 37,000 plugins and counting. All WordPress programs are fully compatible with mobile devices so users on the go can enjoy your website anytime, anywhere.

At Quantak, our outsource WordPress development experts access the most relevant themes, plugins and downloads for your specific needs. A Quantak professional works with you from day one to customize your business website until you are completely satisfied with the finished product. We continue to maintain your website with blog updates and installing the newest plugins as they appear on the open market. The whole idea is to make your website sharper, classier and easier to manage.

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In business, reputation is everything. That’s why at Quantak, we ensure complete satisfaction from A-Z. Our experts work with you to strengthen your business and streamline your workflow. Give your business a boost today. Contact Quantak.

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