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Commercial Lending Services

Commercial lending back office support services including loan origination, negotiating loan terms, marketing to investors and brokers and managing accounts.

Quantak » Commercial Lending Services


Back Office Services For Commercial Lenders

Quantak back office loan experts assist private commercial lenders with tasks like communicating with brokers, completing due diligence and monitoring interest payments. Close more efficiently with Quantak.

Whether you operate a boutique lending company serving a specialized geographic region or you loan funds to borrowers throughout the continental U.S., Quantak’s back office lending support team can help. We streamline the lending process to help you secure solid deals, handling all the paperwork along the trail. Our financial expertise comes into play by creating alternative forms of collateral so today’s deal can move forward into tomorrow.

We help you sift through unqualified loan candidates and maintain thorough records of each borrower’s account. Quantak’s back office staff quickly and accurately drafts Letters of Intent, draft and executed Commitment Letters and all other professional correspondence. We work behind the scenes so you can spend time and energy working with investors and brokers. Simplify your commercial lending process today with Quantak.

Quantak » Commercial Lending Services » Commercial Real Estate Loans

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Quantak is your one stop shop for back office commercial real estate loan needs. We handle both loan origination and loan servicing tasks so you can focus on generating more business and delivering quality service to your borrowers. Whether you represent a bank, private lender, or other financial institution, Quantak is here to support and assist your commercial real estate loan department every step of the way.

Our back office professionals are available to manage your:

  • Loan application process from origination through closing
  • Payment processing
  • Accounting and reporting tasks
  • Receipts and overdue payments
  • Human resources department
  • Regulatory risk and compliance obligations

At Quantak, you can rest assured that the functions of your lending institution will be as smooth as possible. A strong back office is the foundation for a successful front office. Businesses trust Quantak with their commercial real estate loans because we are not only reliable, but we keep costs low while maintaining maximum efficiency. Find out more about how Quantak can improve your commercial lending services today.

Quantak » Commercial Lending Services » Hard Money Loans

Hard Money Loans

Hard money loan support services by Quantak assist your lending institution with comprehensive back office solutions. We arrange for expert valuations of the loan collateral as quickly as possible during the loan origination process. Our hard money loan specialists prepare all necessary documentation, manage your customer service needs, and assist with loan processing through closing. We ensure the back office runs smoothly so the front office can focus on acquiring new borrowers.

Quantak’s hard money loan support services work in tandem with:

  • Commercial lenders
  • Private individual lenders
  • Mortgage providers
  • Construction lenders

After the closing, Quantak hard money loan professionals follow up with each client, ensuring timely interest payments and enforcing penalties where necessary. We offer complete regulatory services to eliminate your risk exposure and guarantee that your company remains compliant with all recent legislation and court rulings. Lend with an open hand and relaxed mind. Lend with Quantak.

Quantak » Commercial Lending Services » Foreclosure Bailout and Bankruptcy Workouts

Foreclosure Bailout and Bankruptcy Workouts

Quantak is your one-size-fits-all solution for comprehensive back office foreclosure bailout and bankruptcy workout needs. We work with all private lending institutions to provide logistical support so you can focus on generating more business and satisfying your customers. Commercial lending services by Quantak include assistance with loan origination and processing, issuing commitment letters, maintaining receipts and account records, and monitoring and enforcing timely interest payments. In addition to foreclosure bailout and bankruptcy workout loans, Quantak’s back office lending experts offer full support with:

  • Commercial real estate loans
  • Bridge and hard money loans
  • Cash advances and post settlement funding
  • Construction financing
  • Mortgage reassessments

With Quantak, your loan process is as seamless as possible. Our experienced professionals anticipate any and all issues which commonly arise with foreclosure bailouts and bankruptcy workouts. We roll with the changes and ensure compliant, cost-effective, and efficient back office services to enhance your private lending business. When you go with Quantak, you go with quality.

Quantak » Commercial Lending Services » Short-term Bridge Loans

Short-term Bridge Loans

Experience a solid short-term bridge loan process with Quantak. Our financial experts specialize in managing an efficient and cost-effective back office so you can focus on operating a successful lending enterprise. Whether you are a private lending individual or a commercial, mortgage, or construction loan operator, Quantak is here to offer back office support in all areas. From the loan application process through closing, Quantak professionals take a hands-on approach with the details in mind. We also monitor timely payments on your short-term bridge loans and take appropriate action to enforce any defaults immediately.

Private loan institutions enjoy a stable working relationship with Quantak because we:

  • Provide a thorough review of each loan application, complete with a credit report
  • Correspond regularly with borrowers from “welcome” notes to payment reminders and default notices
  • Maintain due diligence files for each borrower, always current and accessible by your office personnel
  • Produce amortization schedules where applicable
  • Expertly appraise any real property used as collateral for a loan

Loan servicing by Quantak ensures transparency and satisfaction every step of the way. We pride ourselves on maintaining clean, up-to-date lending files and accurate, reliable loan records. A solid back office allows for an optimized and successful front office. For short-term bridge loans, see why others choose Quantak today.

Quantak » Commercial Lending Services » Construction Financing

Construction Financing

Construction financing at its finest with Quantak. Our back office lending experts bring decades of experience to the table and guarantee diligent, cost-effective, and transparent construction loan support services to any private lending institution. With market fluctuations, the construction financing industry is vulnerable to unpredictability, which may lead to unanticipated defaults. At Quantak, our dedicated back office support personnel acknowledge these difficulties and build them into every unique loan package.

Quantak construction financing has helped businesses like yours fund:

  • Manhattan Hotels
  • Brooklyn Condominiums
  • New Jersey Apartment Buildings

At Quantak, we recognize every loan is unique. New borrowers, new properties, and new market conditions keep the real estate industry interesting. Our team of experts is available to handle all the back office duties involved in construction financing so you can focus on due diligence, appraisals, and lead generation. Loan with confidence. Loan with Quantak.

Quantak » Commercial Lending Services » Exclusive Privately Funded Loans

Exclusive Privately Funded Loans

Don’t allow technical difficulties to impede your exclusive privately funded loan business. For a transparent and seamless lending process, you can trust Quantak. We maintain all the functions of a successful back office so you can enjoy a thriving and profitable front office. Whether you work with commercial real estate loans, construction financing, foreclosure bailouts, bankruptcy workouts, hard money loans, short-term bridge loans, post settlement funding, or cash advances, Quantak can handle the logistics behind the scenes.

Here is just a sampling of what Quantak can do for your exclusive privately funded loan company:

  • Assist with loan applications, origination, and commitment letters
  • Correspond directly with borrowers regarding payment dates
  • Provide valuations for real property used as loan collateral
  • Manage defaults and enforce delinquencies
  • Maintain comprehensive client records complete with payment receipts

Leave the stress out of lending. With Quantak handling your back office, you are free to expend your efforts on generating more business and running your front office. Private, individual lenders choose Quantak because we offer private, individual service. Our lending support experts ensure smooth operations from the loan application process through completion of the payback period. See why exclusive private lenders choose Quantak today.

Cash Advance

Do you want your cash advance business to soar? Quantak’s back office service professionals manage every aspect of your cash advance company from preparing each customer loan agreement to dealing with delinquencies and collection enforcement. We guarantee your back office is smooth and transparent so your front office can be as successful and profitable as possible. The overhead is low and the quality is superb.

All of Quantak’s cash advance service experts are well-versed in the relevant legislation and stay updated regarding industry standards and best practices including the following:

  • Federal Truth in Lending Act (TILA)
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)
  • Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA)
  • Gramm-Leach Bliley Act (GLB Act)
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

From initial case evaluations to corresponding with borrowers regarding upcoming or missed payment deadlines, Quantak is your number one destination for cash advance back office support services. We digitally maintain customer files with agreements, extensions, contact details, and receipts so you can access them instantly from anywhere, anytime. If you need cost-effective, reliable back office cash advance support services, contact Quantak today.

Quantak » Commercial Lending Services » Post-Settlement Funding

Post-Settlement Funding

Are you a private pre- or post-settlement funding company? Would you like competent back office support services for a reasonable price? At Quantak, we offer pre- and post-settlement funding ventures with comprehensive back office assistance from the application process through the final collection of payment. We handle all the underwriting involved in evaluating each applicant’s case. In addition, your dedicated Quantak pre- and post-settlement funding services team will:

  • Manage all customer receipts, records, and communications
  • Deal directly with customer attorneys to stay informed regarding the litigation status
  • Ensure timely payouts to your customers by the month, quarter, or in a lump sum
  • Secure your payments once the settlement is delivered

With Quantak running your pre- and post-settlement funding back office, you can focus your efforts on building a successful front office and generating more customers. We work in tandem with your litigation financing specialists to ensure a smooth and transparent workflow. We securely upload all customer data onto an internet server which you can access anytime, anywhere. Get more borrowers. Get real support. Get Quantak today.

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