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Healthcare Administrative Management

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Customer service centers

Quantak’s medical team offers customer service call representatives to accommodate all of your patient requests and inquiries. With qualitative experience and vast resources, our call reps kindly answer questions related to everything from insurance coverage to medical procedure information. We also handle collections issues in a professional and diligent manner. Whether your medical practice is a boutique, one-person operation or you represent a government or university hospital, Quantak’s customer service centers are available to support all your backoffice calls. Try out Quantak today and see how it feels to know your patients are receiving excellent quality care on the phone as well as in your office.

Patient outreach and surveys

In today’s busy medical world, post-care is often overlooked and undervalued. At Quantak, we have a dedicated team of individuals available to conduct patient outreach and surveys to evaluate your patients’ most recent medical treatments, hospital stays, and general experience with your offices. Regardless of the results, when people feel their opinions are valued, they are more likely to return to your medical establishment, and to refer friends and family, for future treatments. We generate scripts for your supervisory approval and we carry out all the patient outreach efforts including follow-up polls, surveys, calls, and emails. We then collate and present our data findings for your review. Get more out of your doctor-patient relationship with Quantak today.

Case management

Case management by Quantak has never been more comprehensive and holistic. We create a patient file including all relevant information including past and current medical conditions and diagnoses, future care plans, medical resources, progress timelines, and cost-saving strategies. After thorough investigation into the patient’s and doctor’s personal preferences, we develop custom-made solutions to each patient’s medical situation. Your Quantak medical case management team regularly checks the status of each patient’s file to determine if a change or update is necessary. Contact us today to learn more about case management by professionals for professionals.

Radiology x-ray interpretations

Quantak’s outsourced radiology x-ray interpreters are accurate, experienced, and cost-effective. Our team was expertly trained by some of the best in the field and we appreciate the importance of a precise interpretation. Our interpreters work closely with the ordering physicians to ensure nothing is missed in the x-ray. We produce detailed reports explaining each facet of the x-ray and return the report as soon as possible since time is often of the essence. Not all outsourced x-ray radiology interpretation teams are created equal. Contact Quantak today to find out why medical offices like yours choose us for this important task.

Bookkeeping for medical practices

With a full team of certified accountants, including a chartered accountant, Quantak’s bookkeeping services department provides medical practices and other industries with full financial records assistance. Accuracy, efficiency, and transparency describe our bookkeeping ideals. We are professionally trained with years of experience under our belts. Quantak’s bookkeeping team ensures compliance with all the relevant federal regulations and we are in constant contact with your home office. Our records are maintained on a secure server so you can access them anytime, anywhere. Find out how bookkeeping with Quantak can boost your productivity and cut costs today.

Practice management software

Reliable management software can change the face of your medical practice. It’s organized, it’s innovative, and it’s green. At Quantak, we work with eleven different medical practice management software programs so we can customize a setup for your specific needs. Some of the features of our state-of-the-art software programs include:

  • Electronic Orders
  • Medication Management and e-Prescribe
  • Interactive Notation
  • Patient History Snapshots
  • Electronic Billing
  • Clinical Reporting and References

Once you go paperless, you’ll never look back. With medical practice management software on the scene, all important documentation will be stored in a safe virtual file cabinet, accessible by the click of a mouse from any location. The data is protected by a password you create. Join the ranks of other medical professionals who have upgraded to practice management software today.

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Human resources and office administration assistance

For years, medical offices across America have enjoyed reliable and professional human resources and office administration assistance. Whether the job involves booking appointments, dealing with insurance companies, or handling patient customer service issues, Quantak can help. Our virtual office assistants bring sufficient medical knowledge to table and always act with utmost courtesy and confidentiality. We work during your business hours, as well as after hours to ensure there is never a backlog of paperwork, even in this paperless environment. If you want reliable, professional, and efficient human resources and office administration assistance, contact Quantak today.

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