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Insurance claims, submissions and appeals

Quantak’s medical billing services department provides all the back office support you need for insurance claims, submissions, and appeals. We offer decades of experience in working with insurance companies across the United States and we are known by our relentless efforts to satisfy each claim to completion. Whether you work for a public hospital or you run a private, boutique medical practice, Quantak can handle all of your insurance needs. Contact us today to discuss a customized payment program.


The insurance authorization process can be a nightmare. This is especially true when working with certain insurance providers. At Quantak, we have the patience, resilience, and experience to handle even the toughest insurance companies. In fact, insurance companies enjoy working with us because we know exactly what they need to know and when. Obtaining pre-authorizations for your patients’ medical procedures is one of our specialties. Our Quantak medical billing personnel supports your back office so you can focus on treating patients and providing excellent medical care without worrying about insurance authorizations. Call us today to see how we can help.


Medical transcriptions by Quantak are performed quickly and accurately by seasoned professionals. In a profession where every word is significant, our trained medical transcriptionists appreciate the nuances and deliver quality reports on time, every time. We can convert the finished documents into polished patient records to match your existing system or create a new one from scratch. We work with you to customize a payment plan based on document, word, or task and we are always available to reevaluate our transcription methods to ensure they meet your needs. Doctors across the country choose Quantak for medical transcription. Find out why today.


Quantak’s medical credentialing services gather and deliver important information for the purpose of improving the medical care of patients everywhere. We take a holistic look at each medical professional and organize the data by relevant categories. In medical credentialing, Quantak investigates various factors such as each doctor’s:

  • Educational background
  • Work experience
  • Areas of expertise
  • Honors and Awards
  • Board certifications, where applicable

If your company or website involves critical information about health professionals, Quantak can build your database and fill in the gaps. Our team of researchers know where to look to get the latest information and how often to update the medical portfolios. Leave your medical credentialing to Quantak so you can focus your efforts on greater priorities.

Charge posting

Charge posting services by Quantak are accurate, reliable, and timely. We appreciate how hard you work to provide excellent quality healthcare to your patients. Why should post-care charge posting be subpar? Our medical billing experts are thoroughly familiar with the CPT codes used for procedures as well as the various diagnoses and ICD-10 codes. Once our customers provide the necessary documentation, we enter the charges to bill the patient and the insurance company.

Let Quantak handle your medical back office charge posting needs so you can enjoy delivering top quality care to your patients. Contact us today for an estimate.

Medical coding

Not all medical coders are created equal. At Quantak, our medical coding team has the skills, resources, and training necessary to deliver high quality medical coding day in and day out. From abstracting the correct information to assigning the proper codes and creating claims for payment, Quantak’s medical coders do it all. Our coding team is fully competent and uses the three main coding books:

  • CPT©
  • HCPCS Level II
  • ICD-9-CM

With a solid understanding of medical procedures, insurance policies, and regulatory compliance rules, Quantak’s medical coding team can give your healthcare practice dependable back office support on a regular basis. See why other medical professionals choose Quantak today.

Credit posting

Quantak’s credit posting services team works with every major software program on the market to post payments for medical services in an efficient and dependable manner. We ensure a smooth credit posting process so our doctors get paid as soon as possible. Medical professionals across the U.S. choose Quantak for credit posting because we are:

  • Accurate
  • Reliable
  • Transparent
  • Affordable

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service to our medical professionals so your office can reach ours anytime during normal business hours. See why doctors across the country choose Quantak for credit posting services today.

Denial management

Every medical practice experiences insurance claim denial. However, denial rates are not consistent across the board and Quantak can help you lower your denial rate and improve your denial management system. Our medical billing professionals know industry standards and we are familiar with policies of most major American insurance companies. With our vast experience and resources, we know exactly what the insurance companies want to see when it is time to evaluate each claim. If a denial is issued, Quantak’s denial management team handles all resubmissions and appeals from beginning to end until completion of the issue. See why other medical professionals use Quantak today.


Synchronize your practice and simplify your life with online medical patient billing statements by Quantak. We securely upload all your sensitive patient data including insurance information, medical history, procedures, and diagnoses. From viewing the online statements, you can print and mail them yourself to patients or Quantak can do that for you. Alternatively, we can greenify the entire process, making it paperless. Your patients can simply log into our online portal and see their statements virtually. They can pay you directly over the internet in real time. Enjoy medical patient billing statements with Quantak and have more time to provide quality medical care.


Imagine a smoother, faster, and easier collections process for your medical office. At Quantak, our medical billing professionals handle your collections so you can focus on doctoring. We keep an updated online database organized chronologically with reminder notifications and past-due alerts. Our collections agents streamline your payments so no bills fall through the cracks. We provide customer service representation to any patients who have technical difficulty or questions with their statements. Contact Quantak today to find out more about streamlining your payment collections system.


One small error in compliance can cost your medical practice tens of thousands of dollars in fines. At Quantak, our medical coding and billing teams know the ins and outs of all relevant compliance regulations. We ensure our staff is fully trained regarding the regulatory nuances of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), and the Healthcare Reform Act of 2010. We monitor your website, practices, and policies to ensure full regulatory compliance and we set up notifications to inform you regarding upcoming regulatory changes. Trust Quantak with your compliance management today so you can treat more patients today.


Electronic data interchange, or EDI, has changed the face of business. Save time, money, and energy with EDI services by Quantak. By using an electronic data interchange management system, we will set up your medical practice so all of your patient bills and insurance coverage information is automatically transmitted to and from your internal file system. This will relieve your office manager of many hours of work and our EDI experts at Quantak are always available to help with any technical issues. At the onset of implementing an EDI, we will closely supervise all interchanges to ensure accurate transactions, but after the initial stage is complete, your system will run on autopilot. Contact Quantak today to find out more about how electronic data interchange services can help your medical practice.

HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), passed in 1996, was created to protect patients’ rights across America. Access to insurance as well as patient privacy and security are the top dual concerns of the HIPAA. At Quantak, we appreciate the sensitive nature of your patients’ confidential health history information. No one should be able to breach the centuries-old doctor-patient privilege without good reason and being HIPAA compliant helps to guarantee that will never happen. Our medical experts at Quantak will evaluate your current procedures to ensure HIPAA compliance and keep you informed about future regulatory updates. Your patients trust you and you can trust Quantak.

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